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Katelyn’s Essentials: Blue Edition
Katelyn’s Essentials: Blue Edition

Katelyn’s Essentials: Blue Edition

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KMS Watercolor “Katelyn’s Essentials: Blue Edition” contains 12 paints (6 shimmer, 6 matte)

Colors in this set are:

Shimmers: Sapphire 2.0, North Pole, Autumn Air, Aquamarine, Carolina, and Cloud 9.

Mattes: Blueberry Cobbler, Deep Waters, Poolside, Cobalt Teal, Ice Skating, and Acid. 

Our sample-sized pans hold a generous 1/4 of a half pan, allowing you to test out new paints without committing to a full set. Whether you're an aspiring artist or a seasoned pro, Samplers are the ideal way to broaden your palette and unleash your creativity. Please be aware that some paints may be glued into the bottom of the pans due to the nature of their pigments. While I do package samplers safely, KMS Watercolor is NOT responsible for any samplers that arrive broken. Each of our colors are made with high quality, non toxic, ethically sourced pigments and micas. Acacia gum is used to bind the paint together. Vegetable glycerine is used to prevent cracking and to improve re-wetting. A small amount of clove oil (natural preservative) is added to prevent mold growth. Each paint is made by hand, the traditional way with muller and slab and are slowly air dried. This listing is for one sampler sized set. For more info on KMS Watercolor paints please visit the “Product Info” page. If you have any questions, please check our FAQ or contact us!