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Product Info


The paints:

Each of our colors is made with high quality, non toxic, ethically sourced pigments and micas. Acacia gum is used to bind the paint together. Vegetable glycerine is used to prevent cracking and to improve re-wetting. A small amount of clove oil (natural preservative) is added to prevent mold growth. Each paint is made by hand, the traditional way with muller and slab and are slowly air dried. KMS Watercolor paints are non-toxic and vegan.


The packaging:

Half pans hold 1.5ml of paint. The color name is written on the side of the pan, and has a magnet glued to the bottom. Half pans are wrapped in foil and have a sticker around the outside displaying the color and color name.


Our sample pans hold 1/4 of a half pan and are metal instead of plastic. Sample pans are not sold individually and are only sold in our “samplers”. Samplers are packaged with the paint glued onto a backing card that displays the color names, the sampler name, and placed into a plastic sleeve. These backing cards can be customized for retailers, collaborations, and events.


Care Instructions:


To activate, drop some water on top of the paint and let it soak for 2-3 minutes (some colors may require longer!), then paint away! When you are finished painting, allow your watercolors to dry COMPLETELY. Do not cover/store until your paints are 100% dry, this is the best way to avoid your paint molding. When storing, keep in a cool dry place.


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