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Midsummer Nights Fairies Sampler
Midsummer Nights Fairies Sampler

Midsummer Nights Fairies Sampler

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KMS Watercolor “Midsummer Nights Fairies” contains 4 shimmer paints.

Colors in this set are:

Mustardseed, Titana, Oberon, and Pease Blossom.


Set Information:

This set was designed by the talented Naomi from Flights of Whimsy by NV. You can find her work on Instagram @flightsofwhimsybynv


Samplers are a great way to try out new paints without the commitment to a full half pan. These sample sized pans hold 1/4 of a half pan. Please be aware that some paints may be glued into the bottom of the pans due to the nature of their pigments. While I do package samplers safely, KMS Watercolor is NOT responsible for any samplers that arrive broken. 

 All KMS Watercolor paints are made with high quality pigments and Acacia Sap (Gum Arabic)

All paints are Non-toxic


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