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2022 Color Clubs (all 12 months)

2022 Color Clubs (all 12 months)

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KMS Watercolor 2022 Color Clubs contain 12 paints (6 shimmer, 6 matte) per month- or 144 paints (72 shimmers, 72 mattes) total.

This listing is for all twelve 2022 Color Club samplers.

January Color Club:

Shimmers: Indigo Pearl, Sapphire 2.0, Jack Frost, Raven, Pinecone, and Platinum.

Mattes: Dark Winter, Snowy Shadows, Blue Lemonade, Splish Splash, Marshmallow Fluff, and Slate.

February Color Club:

Shimmers: Berry Red, Galentine, Raspberry Sunrise, Pink Champagne, Miami, and Twilight.

Mattes: Hibiscus, Strawberry Gelato, Passion Pink, Orchid, Sour, and Passion.

March Color Club:

Shimmers: Emerald, Meadow, Mojito, Mint to Be, Golden Face, and Pot Of Gold.

Mattes: Viridian, Forest Green, Seaweed, Vine Green, Limeade, and Corn Maze.

April Color Club:

Shimmers: Cotton Candy, Garden Rose, Peeps, Jade, April Showers, and Confetti.

Mattes: Olivia, Mango, Central Park, Acid, Lavender, and Cloudy Sky.

May Color Club:
Shimmers: May Flowers, Sea Star, Mimosa, Taurus, Comet, and Luck.

Mattes: Times Square, Roller Coaster, Lemon, Pam’s Teapot, Midnight Blue, and Iris.

June Color Club:

Shimmers: Popsicle, Clownfish, Kiwi, Pacific Blue, Butterflies, and Santa Monica.

Mattes: Watermelon Lemonade, Summer Peach, Buttercup, Sage, Poolside, and Sea Urchin.

July Color Club:

Shimmers: Sweet, Coral, Citrine, Algae, Uranus, and Amethyst.

Mattes: Pink Lemonade, Peach, Yellow Taxi, Macaw, Deep Waters, and Prison Mike.

August Color Club: 

Shimmers: Pinkredible, Butterfly Kisses, Leo, Slime, Deep Sea, and City Nights.

Mattes: Strawberry, California Poppy, Yellow Sun, Mint, Cobalt Teal, and She.

September Color Club:

Shimmers: Cosmos, Flourish, Hayride, Sparkling Mistletoe, Crisp Air, and Sangria.

Mattes: Dusk, Monarch, Sunflower, Canopy Leaves, Blue Pumpkin, and Blackberry Pie.

October Color Club:

Shimmers: Haunted, Bonfire, Illuminating, Hyde Park, Autumn Air, and Witches Cauldron.
Mattes: Wildest Dreams, Pumpkin Patch, Honey, Ivy, Blueberry Cobbler, and Ultramarine Purple.

November Color Club:

Shimmers: Acorn, Topaz, Santa’s Helpers, Forever Winter, Aster, and Spooky.

Mattes: Dragonfruit, Pumpkin Spice, Winters Glow, Winter Pine, Blue Raspberry, and Christmas Traditions.

December Color Club:

Shimmers: Rudolph, Fireside, Leg Lamp, Christmas Tree Farm, Tanzanite, and Moonstone.

Mattes: Festive, Campfire, Wishlist, Evergreen, Ice Skating, and Stocking Stuffers.


Samplers are a great way to try out new paints without the commitment to a full half pan. These sample sized pans hold 1/4 of a half pan. Please be aware that some paints may be glued into the bottom of the pans due to the nature of their pigments. While I do package samplers safely, KMS Watercolor is NOT responsible for any samplers that arrive broken. 

 All KMS Watercolor paints are made with high quality pigments and Acacia Sap (Gum Arabic)

All paints are Non-toxic


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